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Ensemble each style - optical fiber sensing monitoring enterprise

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Base kang instrument orders

Base, instrument is the most powerful and largest field one of safety monitoring instruments and solutions suppliers, in the service of water conservancy, hydropower, rain condition monitoring alarm, real-time monitoring of water resources, geological disasters, and other fields has a history of 10 years. Which has occupied 80% of the market, in the field of water conservancy and hydropower has completed more than 2000 major engineering applications. Base, instruments used in the stress/strain monitoring items to all kinds of strain gauge, used in deformation monitoring of displacement, displacement meter, etc., application of seepage monitoring osmometer, temperature monitoring of grating thermometer and so on. In view of the geological hazard survey, kang the integration of material level meter monitoring stations can be used in dynamic monitoring of flood, debris flow, landslide, can be installed in 10 km, from disaster occurred by monitoring airborne infrasound and sound an alarm signal, provides the transfer time for nearby residents, avoid to cause heavy casualties.

Tianjin realistic fly

Tianjin realistic fly, there are hundreds of kinds of optical fiber sensing technology, such as temperature, pressure, displacement, vibration, acceleration, such as current, voltage, magnetic field, liquid level, using optical properties, such as light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization and other changes to achieve different performance of the sensor. And the optical fiber sensing technology has been widely used in military, medical, aerospace, industrial and mining enterprises, perimeter security, measurement testing, construction, etc., wide prospect of market. Used for optical fiber OCT in the field of medical products, for example, using the coherence technology with high imaging speed rate (light source can be up to 50 KHZ), high resolution (organization & lt; 10 microns), and the advantages of no damage, has been applied in ophthalmology, dermatology, heart head blood-vessel, dental, and other medical diagnosis field.

Located in the source point

Optical valley the source with a focus on the micro vibration sensors and fiber optic ground wave le wu application service for the perimeter security market, used in childcare, care family of 360 - degree rotating camera, it may be said "guarding the artifact". Users can download mobile phone APP real-time monitoring camera area other dynamic, no dead Angle of 360 degrees to predict movements in the target zone and warned that let users grasp the information the first time. Support for speed and no special requirements, wired, wireless, network, network anytime and anywhere outside cell phone wanted to see it. In addition to monitoring, used to do video chat is also very good a terminal. Another key product ground wave is optical fiber micro vibration sensor, the sensor installed on the ground, without power supply, can effectively detect the micro vibration signals, the wenbo class monitor, defense, oil and gas pipelines, water conservancy, and other fields is expected to play an important role.


MOI (Micron called light optical, MOI for short) is a tunable optical FP cavity filter, fiber Bragg grating sensor demodulation devices, OCT scanning laser light source of world leading companies in the United States. They have a full set of sensor system. Their sensing system is mainly used in Bridges, DAMS, buildings and other long-term health monitoring; Ship and aircraft structure in good state of continuous monitoring; Deep well oil pressure and temperature measurements, deep-sea oil platform lifting device monitoring; Electricity using high voltage switch cabinet and so on temperature measurement, and so on. As for demodulation instrument, MOI this shows their fourth generation technology, is based on a new generation of HYPERION MOI company optical sensing platform x55 optical core first demodulation instrument products, and further enhance the MOI existing advantages of fiber Bragg grating demodulation devices. X55 optical core contains a high power, low noise, the bandwidth of 160 nm scanning laser light source, the core of the light source device is still the MOI he patented technology of optical fiber technique can be tuned filter. According to Mr. Jiang, a new generation of HYPERION filled the gap of grating sensor market platform, USES the high performance DSP and FPGA real-time processing in board module, able to complete fast full spectrum measurement and the FBG, flexible processing of the LPG and FP sensor demodulation algorithm.

Long gso

Long gso In the field of optical fiber gyro, polarization-maintaining optical fiber ring is its core components. In low precision of the market, the value of optical fiber ring in gyro products accounted for about 20%, but the market in high precision can be up to 60%. Long gso is the representative of the optical fiber ring manufacturer, has occupied the optical fiber ring is 80% of the market. Of course, a complete set of sensor system in addition to the fiber optic sensor pieces, one of the most important is its transmission medium - special fiber optic cable products. Therefore, in addition, long gso also focus on developing polarization-maintaining optical fiber.

Shenzhen Jane measurement technology co., LTD

Shenzhen Jane measurement technology co., LTD. Is a focus on high technology and new technology enterprise in the field of structural health monitoring, the company can provide including sensor subsystem, data acquisition and processing subsystem, damage identification and safety evaluation and early warning subsystem, as well as the structural health monitoring data acquisition analysis software system and so on comprehensive end-to-end solutions, products and solutions are widely used in the teaching experiment, large buildings, Bridges, DAMS, water conservancy, electric power, warehouse, oil platform, etc. Make measurementsimple is the company's core competitiveness of products, Make the accurate, simple, engineering structural health monitoring work. Continuously meet the needs of customers in this field and provide product customization service. Company's products and services include: fiber Bragg grating sensors, fiber Bragg grating demodulation devices and demodulation module, electric sensor acquisition instrument and module, structural health monitoring data acquisition analysis software system, etc., and end-to-end solutions for structural health monitoring project, and to provide customized products and services to our customers.

Suzhou Dong Jie photoelectric

Suzhou Dong Jie photoelectric development temperature sensing cable, fire sensor cable, etc., for special applications provide sensor transmission medium harsh environment. Such as PBT, filling tubing temperature sensing cable, tubing is filled in the bare fiber plus ointment and PBT, plus a Kevlar and sheath, makes the structure of the sensor fiber has high strength, light weight, and good resistance to water, used in subway, tunnel, fire and other industries, temperature sensor, avoid disasters and accidents.

Shanghai wave remit

Shanghai wave remit of optical fiber sensing industry technology innovation strategic alliance is to participate in the exhibition. According to optical fiber online, the alliance is assembled in the Shanghai area of the optical fiber sensing key enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities, implementing the resources sharing, the industry in technology, products, equipment, production lines, the respect such as technology, standard agreement, mutual support, mutual cooperation, promote the long-term sustainability of fiber and related industry development. Also provide the corresponding reference case for optical fiber sensing field, unification of related products and application of standards. And Shanghai hui as a supporting institution of the alliance, the key to launch two new products: distributed optical fiber smart security system and the distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system has been widely used in security market and in tunnel, cable, computer room, temperature monitoring in the field of substation, etc. In the future, Shanghai optical fiber sensing industry technology innovation strategic alliance is going out of Shanghai, to the country, to build national alliance of optical fiber sensing.